Finding balance

5 Sep

Balance is the ability to deal with fluctuations. Just because we are still (either in the mind or in the body) does not mean the rest of the world around us is still. The world is constantly moving and changing. Balance is how well you deal with those changes.

Finding Balance between work, home, family, friends and inner-self can be challenging. Finding Balance while dealing with people who may not want or cannot find balance personally is the most difficult. I find balance in being funny. In being less harsh on myself. In being okay with who I am. I try to show that to others. To allow them to know there is not one moment that will define them as person. I find balance at work knowing that I try my hardest. There is nothing I  can do better if I try my hardest. I admit mistakes. I take ownership and learn. Each day is an experience, good or bad. Each day I can find something new to learn. Often when you struggle, that is when you learn to grow.


I find balance at home through Ty’s laughter. It really does not matter what is going on, as soon as I hear him laugh, I center. I appreciate the world around me. I enjoy the burnt cookies, cat poop on the floor or the pile of laundry staring at me to be done. I find balance with Tyler in the way we approach and react to situations. He often sees things as funny laughable moments. I find those moments serious and difficult most of the time. I hope that our perspectives meet in the middle and we see the situation for what it truly is.


I find balance in Family through realizing each relationship is different. That I cannot change the past but I can move forward into the future with my best foot forward. I have learned knowing history is the best way to not repeat it and that when life throws you a curb ball, that no matter what, family usually is there.


I find balance in friends in knowing that each of my friends bring a different experience into my life. I have friends that are straight, gay, black, red, young, old, silly, rich, poor,  teachers, cowboys etc… They all have a different point of view and they all are honest and share them with me. I find balance in being myself in front of them. No judgement. No questions.


Finding Balance inside is the most difficult balance for me to find. I am truly my worst enemy. While I can accept and learn from mistakes at work, I often have a hard time finding acceptance of myself the hardest. I see flaws in me, that normally other people cannot see… I try to enjoy those flaws, to blur them by trying to be better but like all people self doubt can creep up on me. I try to center myself with a smile. Anything you are doing can be made easier with a smile. Smile is hope. It is warm. It is a place of love and joy.


Even though it is hard… Balance can be learned and can be practiced. Just like anything, you need to nurture yourself in order to allow yourself to grow. Each month as we are walking on this road to babyhood, I try to enjoy the ride. I trust that life will bring whatever it may and that regardless… there are things that I cannot change. So, I hope that you all can find balance in chaos. And if you do… share how 🙂



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