The Disappearing What? TMI Really

4 Sep

Okay Ladies… I have a disappearing period. I have had this issue all my life. I get my period, its hanging out with me for about 2-3 days and then it Vanishes. Its like a Ghost. Its gone. Its not under the bed, its not hiding in my closet… its GONE.


Then day 5 comes around, I have put away the tampons and pads… put on some cute panties… and then HELLO. Its back. It rushes right in. It yells Surprise.



God Damn it…


Anyone else have this happen to them? It really does not fail. You would think I would smarten up and know this is happening but no, each month… its like a shock. I asked my Ob/Gyn about it and she said that its just my body… no issue. I should only be concerned if I start getting periods closer and closer together… and shorter and shorter in length. She did suggest to just wear a light day pad to avoid the accidents. I ignore this great wisdom and decide buying 5 panties for 25.00 at Victoria Secret is a much better idea monthly. I mean Really… can a girl have too many boy shorts and hipsters, I think not. My doctor also has said that this vanishing period should not affect fertility.


Do you have a stealth period? Does is covertly hide? and then Jump out and surprise you? Seriously no wonder I have a hard time trusting pregnancy tests.. I don’t know if my period is coming or going… if it spotting or flowing… Implanting or planning a surprise party for my panties. Lady Problems UGH


Here is a slight update. Ty and I decided to get alittle frisky and have a quickie. I swear my period literally was done, gone, see you next month. After our romp… It was like Ty uncorked my vagina. Oh hi period, you were hiding and Ty’s peen found you. ~ I truly love enjoying the word peen ~ Come out come out come out whether you are!?!? It’s been like three hours since the romp and it’s back to disappearing. This is silliness!


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