Meet the Fam

3 Sep

The Crazy Cats :

This is Pepper. Pepper enjoys scowling, growling, sulking and sunbathing alone. She is 8 years old and was adopted from the Franklin County Humane Society In St. Albans, Vermont. Pepper is well traveled, she has riden in a car from Vermont to Philadelphia. She enjoys talk radio and classical music and her special talent is to shed on command when scared. She is not interested in this blog. Nor in anything you have to say to her. She perfers to be a princess and the world revolves around her. She also has no humility and enjoys showing her tummy often.

This is Jeff, Jeff comes from the Washington County Humane Society. He is about 7 years old. He joined our wolf pack two years ago. I wanted to get a kitten because when I feel down or like my life is not interesting enough, I usually need to adopt a new cat. On the way to the Humane society (with Tyler strongly againest getting another cat) Tyler tells his brother Jeff that we were getting another cat. Jeff was upset, irate and alittle bit more emotional then he probably should be considering it has no bearing on his life. After getting off the phone with Jeff we decide the cat we adopt is going to be name Jeff just to poke fun. We go to the humane society and look at all the kittens… did a loop around the cats and discovered Jeff…. Jeff was dropped off at the shelter with his sister Nicole (she was already adopted or I would have adopted her) because his owners were moving. We had to have Jeff. Jeff enjoys nose bumps, nuzzles, fuzzy blankets, hunting mice, meowing loudly in the middle of the night and his nickname is Jeffrey Beane… yes, the clothing designer. He has a cat condo in my closet and his talent is to jump up a pole support in the basement that is wrapped with rope (dont ask, the white trash people who owned this house before us did some odd stuff). He will only climb up the pole for his mama… 🙂  He is awesome and a  very smug kitty.

This is Wilson. We adopted Wilson from All Breeds Rescue in So. Burlington Vermont. He was about 11 months old when we adopted him and he was brought up from the South where kill shelters are the thing (SERIOUSLY I could go on about all the reasons the South needs to get smacked really hard and the spay and neutering issue is one of the reasons, as well as creationalism, homophobia… UGH anyway). Wilson was either on the streets or abused or both. He was basically a mute, who would only chomp at us but not bark. He has bloomed into a very talkitive puppy though. He enjoys rides in the Truck with Tyler, Air conditioning, The couch, The Bed, Cat Toys, His Food Cube and Howling. He is very kind hearted, loves his Dad and his special talent is his awesome understanding of the word “wait”. Wilson does not enjoy Water, Loud noises, Men in Hats or Bathtime. He just may be the most perfect socially awarkward puppy alive. His is a bad photo of him… but Thats my Puppers

And in Memorandum:

This is Bailey Girl. She passed on June 27, 2012. She was the best Tortie ever. Tyler adopted her from the Franklin County Humane Society around Valentine’s Day in 2005. She was a cuddle muffin with her dad. Every night she would come, sit on Tys lap, and lick him. She would even reach her paw up and grab his cheek and bring his face closer so she could kiss him. Bailey was 6 years old when she passed suddenly and there is a very huge hole in our hearts. She loved to lay on Tys side of the bed, yell at Ty when she was hungry, and explore under the covers. She held the high position on the cat tree, often fighting Jeff off to hold her spot. She liked to click at birds through the screen and hated car rides.  Bailey Would fetch…. which was awesome. And Bailey would grind on Tys GM Painters hoodie strings to annoy her dad at night when she wanted attention. Her special talent was flirting with any man that came in the house so that she could get pets.

And she loved her Dad THAT much.

Hope you enjoyed meeting our Little Family… Here we are on our Wedding Day In May of 2012. And why yes, I am rocking Jellies and Ty is rocking Sneakers. Welcome to our world!

And here is a Photo of Ty and I when we first started Dating in 2004/2005


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