Maybe this is our problem – Where do babies *chickens* come from?

2 Sep

According to Tyler… Chickens lay the eggs and apparently they are hollow and then the Rooster comes over and squirts the egg with um… semen and then the chicken is born.


I shit you not.


Tyler – a graduated of college. A Small business owner. A sucessful small business owner. A man who can pretty much fix anything. A man who taught me accounting (And that is not easy, numbers and I do not mix… thankfully taxes and accounting are different). Tyler, my husband, who I regard as smarter than I… Thought the rooster just aimed, fired and caused the egg to just poof a chick into existance.


This conversation took place, Sober I may add, in the car. Thankfully, I have Jeff (the brother in law) to back me up as a witness. Jeff is in the backseat trying to explain that the Rooster does what most male animals do… run up, pin their one night stand partner and pump away. Now I know chickens will lay eggs whether or not they are fertizlized but the Rooster is not just willing his seed onto random eggs sitting on the ground.


I asked Ty how the Rooster um gets excited. Hes like he just does. As he says “He just does” he makes a focused constipation face and then wiggles his pelvis and goes “phew phew”…

Jeff queues up a YouTube Video. It’s below…. Ty watches the video at a stop light… So Apparently Roosters, run up, mount, pin, pump and then hop off. Chickens run away, give in, play dead, wait for it to be over while deciding what gossip to cluck to the other hens over wine tonight while watching survivor, shake it off and then go about their business.


Granted Ty is not an expert on mating of animals. Nor do I want him to be… but I think having a general understanding of mating habits probably would be a good thing. Maybe this is why Ty is having a hard time undersanding that getting pregnant is like a 2 day window, IF THAT, each month for a woman – and thats if everything is working correctly.  Now of course I am kidding but I really think he is having a hard time wrapping his head around why we did not get pregnant last month.  Regardless, Ty learned something this weekend 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great labor day weekend.



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