Odd Dreams

30 Aug

Dammit – I wrote this post yesterday but its not cued up to post today and I cannot find it anywhere… POOPERS


So Two nights ago I woke up in a frenzy. I dreamt the following:


I was going to see a band with Marty and Matt K (Grade School Friends, Marty walked me down the Aisle at my wedding actually) at a local bar here in Vermont called the Radio Bean. The Radio Bean is a real bar in Burlington but I have never been there so who knows why that is in my dream. We are waiting in line to get into the bar and I notice I am carrying my white Loft jacket and wearing a flannel shirt (which I do not own) and under that is my Kohls Gray Stretched out Thermal Shirt (which I do own and is very stretched out). Anyway, we get in and for the life of me I cannot hold onto my white jacket. We keep switching tables and I keep leaving the jacket at the last table or its falling on the floor. Its was odd.


These two guys come up to me and ask if they can buy me a drink. I politely decline saying I am married but thank you and they say “can we will hang out with you?”. So there we are, Marty, Matt K, Two Dudes, me and my jacket hanging out. I have to go to the rest room so I excuse myself. The rest room is a DANK, MOIST, FACET DRIPPING, TILED MESS. Anyway, I squat to pee and notice I am like super fucking pregnant. And I had been drinking, ALOT. I was like OH MY GOD, what have I done… I realized that the shirt was stretchy because I was HUGE. I was trying to hide my pregnancy with the flannel shirt and the white jacket was like my book strategically placed in front of the tummy to hide actresses pregnancies on TV shows.


I go out and my entire office is now there. I order a water at the bar, one of the ladies from my office goes “If you are not drinking you need to sit elsewhere, the bar is for drinking only”. So I sulk off to a table, alone… while my white jacket is at the bar with everyone else.


I wake up.


I was so upset. I thought I really had been drinking in real life. I was so mad at myself and then realized it was a dream. I also realized I have no idea where that white coat from the Loft is…


When I was pregnant last time I had the CRAZIEST Dreams. I gave birth to a cat. Ty left me in the hospital because our baby was not cute. I couldn’t buckle my seat belt but had to drive and then was pulled over. My baby meowed, not cried. I pooped Peanut Butter and Jelly and the doctors started scooping it up and jarring it during birth. ODD SHIT. You name it, I had it.


Did you have any pregnancy dreams when pregnant or when trying to get pregnant? What were your oddest? Any that just shocked you?




2 Responses to “Odd Dreams”

  1. Mrs. S August 30, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    “I pooped Peanut Butter and Jelly and the doctors started scooping it up and jarring it during birth.” – I died when I read this. Hilarious.

    • maretilton August 30, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

      I am glad I proved smiles 🙂

      But seriously, I was like “Um, Having a baby here, can we can later? Is this the store brand stuff I have been getting at walmart? Is that why its so cheap?

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