my husband is going to kill me

30 Aug

Slow Day at work.

I just made a calendar – for September – of when to have sex. When I ovulate… when everything happens.

He is going to hate me.

I think I got my period today – I am spotting. BUT this happened last time in 2010. I thought I had my period and it was a mini one (3 days, brownish, all light spotting). So who knows. I hate being a woman right now. I am going to say its my period. Final Answer.

I am going out of my head.  Im blaming DAMN YOU

Edit: 3:50pm EST

Told above d mentioned husband about calendar on phone. He replied “oh jeez”. Then asked what was going on with my parts. I told him I thought it was my period. He asked why I was so negative. I told him its easier to be negative then to be positive and then get disappointed. He said Oh.

Out of work in about 30mins… Home to do some yoga. I need to get my mind off things.


Edit 4:21pm EST

Its my period. Darn it. Calendar shall be taped to the wall tonight 🙂


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