Back to School Time

29 Aug

My mom, every year, calls me in the morning on back to school day for Philadelphia schools. She calls me crying, recalling my first day of grade school, dressed in my uniform with my backpack and lunch box. She says I got on the bus and she just cried. For some reason I think she drove me to school in the Bonneville but I wont ruin her little memory. As a side note, when she calls me crying at 7:30am, I think my grand mom has died, but she insists on calling. And I have that mini heart attack every September.

Back to school brings parents many different emotions. Some cant let go. Others are pushing them out the door to freedom. For a non-parent, back to school time means more traffic. Sorry. It does. When I used to commute to Burlington from Underhill… If I did not time leaving my driveway before 7:12 or after 7:18… I would be stuck behind the bus…. that stopped… at every… damn… house… on…route 15. Now my issue, as a paying taxpayer in Underhill is that that bus is

  • Wasting a shit ton of gas by not having a meeting place where a few of the kids could meet opposed stopping ever 7 feet
  • Its holding up my commute for about 6 minutes and Underhill is about like a 1 and a 1/2 long.


Anyway… In Philadelphia, my old bus stop had two places in my neighborhood to drop/pick the kids off/up.  We had to either get off at the first or the second stop (mind you the bus went right by my house but I still had to get off at the stop and walk to my house). I think that’s a smarter idea and it also makes the kids get to know each other better by having a meeting place. I can understand why the kids get picked up at their house, security reasons duh, but really… cant one parent be in charge of watching?


Back to school also means to me school shopping. Who does not like school Shopping? I used to get a new backpack and a new trapper keeper (Lisa Frank, thank you very much, or New Kids) each year.

The Trapper Keeper would be all organized and chuck full of paper and pens and all that shit… two weeks into the school year, I was leaving that bulky unable to fit into my backpack plastic thing at home. Ty also used to get new clothes and a new back pack (until his mom got him an LL Bean backpack  and you know those last forever!). He said he would love to wake up and basically feel like a new person in his new clothes on the first day of school. He also mentioned that his mom would take a photo of him in front of the Dahlia’s every year. I asked for a photo so I could post it (he had a bowl hair cut from Dumb and Dumber until like College, its AWESOME) and he said his mom would have one. I was like Great… then his face turned sour and he’s like no, don’t post that. I asked if I could blur his face or put a cat face where his face was and he called me weird. I don’t think its weird. Anyway…


As a non parent all I can do is sympathize with you. I know its probably really super hard to see your child go off, grow up and start to have their own little identity.  I think that when my child goes to school, I will try to be strong. I wont cry in front of them (because I think that will cause more anxiety when they are younger, when they are older, I am going to be a bawl fest and be THAT MOM) and I will encourage them to have whatever day they are going to have. I wont say have a great day… because what if the day isn’t great, that’s alot of pressure to make it great. I am going to encourage them to try new things, be respectful of the teacher, sit next to the new kid and say hello, and enjoy.


As for homework – God Help us all… Ty needs to handle that – some of the new ways of teaching math are way beyond me. But we will figure that out if and when it comes.

So Happy First day of School to kids, parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers etc… every where! Make this year, your year.


One Response to “Back to School Time”

  1. Kathryn August 29, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Yea for Trapper Keepers!!!!!!!!!! They were awesome. I definitely DON’T miss having to dedicate my weekends to homework and writing papers. Now they are all mine!! I always think, oh CRAP when I have a kid that means that basically it’s like going back to school all over again, the deadlines, the homework, the activities…. oh man……

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