I picture birth way different then this lady does!

27 Aug



Read the above before you read this blog. I would like to put a disclaimer out there though, If and when we get pregnant, I may have a totally different view on Birth then I do right now. I have about 5 books at home which go through the birthing process and discuss the babies point of view but I wont read them just yet, I dont want to jinx anything.


Anyway, Giving Birth to Josie Maran is a magical wonderland filled with fairies, and the smell of green apples (insert whatever smell makes you feel comfortable), Sunflowers, Little Kitties purring their little hearts away, fluffy clouds and just joy. Giving Birth to me is pushing a watermelon out of a hole the size of a bottle neck.  I think of pooping on the table, tearing, screaming, things plopping out on the table, bright lights and hairy vaginas (I actually wish the practice of shaving was still around… hospitals used to do that in the 50s, did you know that?). Anyway, I wish I could be as Calm and collected and relaxed as Josie. I hope that come that day I will believe in myself and my body. She can, So can I.


I tried to find a photo of a cat that was magical, had fairies and was purring… This came up in my search, I thought I would share because it is so random


Okay, back to Josie. She even looks ridiculously beautiful in that photo with her husband. I can tell you right now do not expect me to look anything like that. If any one of you saw me when I woke up v. once I have showered and put some concealer on, you would believe in the power of makeup.


The reason I wanted to link you to this story is because each woman is different. Each person has a different birth plan (number one on my list will be GET TO THE HOSPITAL). Each person feels different ways about how to welcome their baby into the world. The article says something that I think is true for all women giving birth


“That moment was a beautiful reminder that we don’t know or control everything.”


I am going to try to remember that, today, tomorrow and if and when I give Birth (and beyond). We cannot control everything.  So, Try to have fun. Enjoy the Ride, even when its bumpy, and take comfort in the fact that we are all going through it.


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