Who needs maternity clothes when they are not pregnant? I DO I DO

16 Aug

I am totally rationalizing my spending right now.


Since we are trying to get pregnant, I am being more cautious with my purchases. No Sephora.com I do not need the newest foundation from Benefit. No JCrew, I do not need to shop your Swimware Sale. No DSW, I do not need super cute heels that I could rock with a nice pair of trouser jeans that are now 85% off. I have been resisting. Even at CVS. I have only been buying makeup or haircare or bathroom care products I need. That is like huge for me. Its almost impossible for me.  I have even been using the really crappy shampoo I hate, just to use it up to save money. And if you knew me… my hair care is scared.


So opposed to buying things I do not need right now,  I have been purchasing things that I may need in the future… Like 30% off at Gap and Old Navy for Maternity. I have a few pieces, okay maybe a collection, but I am super prepared to be super pregnant.  I am super prepared in the clothing department to be pregnant. Other things, no clue.


First, lets talk about these paneled pants. I dont know if things change when you are pregnant and you just make do… but paneled pants and I are not friends. Granted I am not pregnant and the panel was not really doing anything for me but it was super odd and not comfortable. It actually was making me want to throw up (actually alot of things are making me want to throw up, I have a cold and smells or just bad thoughts make me sick. Its a thing. trust me). I am going for legging. All the way. I returned the paneled pants.


Second, I am having a hard time thinking about supporting this big ass stomach I may potentially have. Now I know my boobs just hang out and so my tummy should do the same. And there are maternity bands and the like but part of me things my tummy is just going to drop to the ground without like scaffolding holding it. Thats just me and I am sure I will be able to rap my brain around that eventually. Or maybe i will construct a device from my knees to my tummy to hold it up. Look for me on Shark Tank.


Third, Do I need special panties or can I just buy bigger sizes? If anyone knows, let me know… I am afraid to google because I am fearful of the results that will pop up.


Fourth, Fuck you Gap – You sold me a 14.95 tank top that basically was the same tank top on sale for regular people at 5.95. Its literally the same tank but has the word maternity on the label. Its not any longer or have like stretchy crap or that ripply stuff (rouching?) on the side (I know because I did sneak a non-maternity tank and yoga pants in my order)


Fifth, I ordered smalls and wholly molly… I was SWIMMING in them. Ty and I could wear one of the shirt and have Wilson, Pepper and both Jeffs (Cat and the person) join us and still have room.


Sixth, I dont know why I am ordering stuff because I have a wonderful friend (Sarah’s Sister, see… the word revolves around Sarah basically at this blog) that is giving me her maternity stuff. She actually told me not to buy anything because she has trash bags of stuff. She also told me that my Fifth point may be nonexistent… she gave away some of the larger items that she got from other friend because she thought they were too big and she was wrong. She told me to just hold onto things and use if I can. Also big shout out to Sarah’s Sister… She literally looks so hot and does not look like she just had a baby. I am jealous of her and so is my hopefully pregnant future self. I am sure that I will write a blog about how Sarah’s sister is making me feel ridiculously fat and how its impossible to look that good at a later date (hopefully).


So yeah, I am buying maternity clothes. I have yet to venture into baby clothes. I actually knew a woman who had a closet full of baby clothes only to decide about three years later that she did not want to have children. I dont think that will be me. I have a special take on baby clothes. I am pretty sure that the first few months I was alive my parents had me in a diaper and just  a white onsie. Then when I could walk, Diaper and white tee shirt. This was my outfit for a few years (and oh my god,  I just realized why I have an obsession with collecting white tee shirts, Literally I had 40+ in my closet in college). I think for baby clothes I am going to reuse reuse reuse. Babies grow too fast to buy really nice really expensive clothes. And I am not buying shoes for my baby until like 8 months. I dont know what is supposed to happen around 8 months but I like to use the number 8 when I make a number up. Ty cant even keep track of his four pairs of shoes… so how is he going to keep track of a kids pair of shoes. Not happening until they really need them. But that is just me.


We do have a super cute pair of socks for a girl (which is funny because I really want a boy, we can dive into that later) that look like little mary janes. We bought them for a Christmas present and I decided to get an extra pair just in case one day… this was about a month after our miscarriage. It made me feel better. They are very cute.


So if anything this blog has taught you and hopefully me… I can rationally buying anything. SERIOUSLY. and if you need anyone to shop for you… let me know.



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