Super Random Worries

14 Aug

One random thing I worry about ALOT is cleaning products. We generally use Method or Meyers Products, which are people and pet friendly and do a good job. The other night we had people over and I wanted something alittle stronger to clean the counter because we had raw meat on it. I used 409. I stopped and stood back and thought dont breathe that in.

Chemicals are all around us. In Makeup (Kohl Liners, Im talking to you as well as Lipsticks and just foundations, have you read whats in that stuff?!?!), In Shampoos, In Detergents… I am super worried that I am going to have a three armed kid because of some chemicals I am exposed to. I can control it at home mostly. I am sulfate and paraben free in most of my personal. I try to eat healthy, I am putting down the lean cuisines and picking up the lettuce and organic stuff.

What I cannot control is my husband or at work. My husband owns his own business as a painter. He is exposed to Lead. We already discussed how we are going to start handling that, he will have a separate entry downstairs where he will get naked, leave his clothes in a bag and then run to the shower and shower off. He will do the lead clothing laundry and we will run a cycle with Vinegar after that load. Crazy? I know. But Paint In general is not good, and he has it all over his clothes. Even after a wash I can still smell paint.


At work, I am so scared of the dish detergent, the bathroom Lysol, the bathroom cleaners. I literally can smell the cleaning products sometimes. Its not good.


What about Gasoline, Or plastics. They terrify me. Plastics the most, I cringe when people put plastics in the microwave. Ty did that once and I thought I was going to punch him right out. I dont care if it says Microwave safe… NO. It’s not, what about leaching?


Now I know that things could be worse. People used to drink and smoke in the 50s while pregnant and most of those babies turned out fine, although Cancer is on the rise and that is most likely the reason for it. But as of right now, I am really concerned about chemicals. Are you, have you been? How did or how will you deal with it?



2 Responses to “Super Random Worries”

  1. Mrs. S August 14, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    I’m going bat-shit about chemicals too. I recently went on a phthalate rampage. I got new shampoo, new soap, and I’m slowly trading out out cleaning products. I google to pah-jeezus out of anything I put on my skin. And I try to eat pretty organically and I never heat up plastic.

    I normally use the more earth friendly, less chemically options but I’m almost wondering if using the old school recipes with vinegar are better options.

  2. maretilton August 14, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    You know, I think its like half and half – I think as potential Parents we try the best we can as humans we try to best we can. I was vain the other day and used Hair Removal Cream… Like Hello that is just so horrible But I was being vain. Do I notice a difference in the cleaning or things I put on my body or what I eat… to tell you the truth, no. I just notice it does not smell as bad with the chemicals. And Ill stick to that… but I think in order to really change, we need to make it a life change, not just a I want to get pregnant, or my baby is developing or my kids are still around the house phase. it needs to happen because we as consumers want to know what the hell the manufacturer is putting in all this stuff!

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