I did what I said I would not do…

12 Aug

I bought an ovulation kit today.

Damn you.

I read the directions… Peed on the stick and found out I was not ovulating today. I knew that. I have a handy little app that predicts my ovulation based on 4 years of periods. But I was disappointed. The directions literally said do not be disappointed. But I was.

How did I get here?

We had a party last night and a couple of people mentioned I should pick up the kits, that they help. I was against the kit for a long time. I think calendars work fine and we are not in that boat where things havent happened in months soooooo… Why spend the money?

But I woke up this morning obsessed. I had to buy one.

I sat there disappointed even though i knew that it would be negative. Why? Probably because I wanted a stick to tell me yes again. Any yes is better than a negative. It’s silly.

😦 tonight I go to bed disappointed over something I knew was not happening…


2 Responses to “I did what I said I would not do…”

  1. toothfairy44 August 16, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Hi crazycatlady. just fell upon your blog post;I just started the temperature charting this month and have been using the OPK for a while…I just like the no nonsense ‘yes or no’ that comes with the OPK. But sorry you felt bummed…

    • maretilton August 16, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

      I think I need the yes or no. Mine is a two windowed test and the second window line will appear regardless (if not,the test was compromised) and when the first window has a line that is equal in color or brighter to the color of the second window I am fertile. I use a calendar though and based on the calendar I should be fertile today and ovulate tomorrow but thats just based on pure timing, nothing to do with position of the cervic, mucus and all that fun stuff. We will see how it goes. I was not going to get an ovulation test because I didnt want to stress…I wish I stuck to that because now i find myself getting super mad and bascially throwing the stick across the room. I dont deal well with rejection.

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