When will my Husband Catch On????

7 Aug

My husband was DEAD tired last night. Im talking mouth open, drool, hunched over on the couch by 8:20pm. Since we are trying – and we have discussed that and he is on board with it – I was like HE MUST WAKE UP. I NEED HIS SEED… well not really but I was alittle nutso about him getting up.  I was being selfish and I also didnt want to deal with trying to get him off the couch after sleeping for an hour, its impossible.

He did get up, we did do it… and things are great and wonderful – and I was in the moment this time – but I feel like I am using him. I wonder when he will be like “woman get off of me” but is that even possible for a man. I mean Tyler has probably turned me down about 10 times in our entire relationship. Either because he was too tired or his stomach hurt or he was just dirty and didnt feel like getting in the shower. So anyway, do you think he would ever say “get a hold of yourself” or maybe just say “no”.

I mean I am using him, but I think its not like USING. We are mutually trying to have our child. We both want this. I am just more crazy about it. Its okay, you can say it, I am crazy about having a baby. I even think I am crazy. Ty often says “You will get pregnant, but keeping it is another story” and thats comforting, a kick in the gut and annoying all at the same time.

I rationalized with myself last night afterwards that I wouldnt jump on Tyler tonight. But I kinda want to. Not because I want his seed but because I love my husband and hes pretty freakin hot. But he is working late tonight and I have a dinner date with a girlfriend. So tonight he has the night off… my mind will have the night off, hopefully.



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