Confession time…

6 Aug

I have a confession. Last night we did it and I wasn’t into it. All I could think about was… Am I ovulating… Should I wait to pee after sex or just go like I normally do… Is it going to happen this month…

Nothing that I was thinking was in the moment. Plus the dog was freaking out a bit too and I think he either humped his bed or tried to eat it – verdict is out on that one. I felt bad that I wasn’t giving Ty my full attention as well as I felt bad because I wasn’t in the moment and it screwed up my own mojo.

It’s silly that my mind is so consumed with these thoughts. I want to have a baby because Ty and I love each other not because some ovulation test or calendar told us to. But that’s the life we are in right now.

No one tells you that when you are growing up. Babies just magically happen. Or if you are a teenager babies magically happen whenever the peen (my autocorrect changed peen to Owen, I find that hysterical) is near the vagina. You rarely hear that it’s hard to get pregnant. That there are millions of people out there planning sex, hoping the last round of treatments took. It’s a shame.

I wish it wasn’t like that. When we have kids in going to be honest. That mommy and daddy tried for them a long time. That we waiting and hoped and cried. And when they finally happened we danced, cried and began to worry about other things. We are going to love the shit out of our kids.

Getting pregnant may not be easy for Some. And who knows if it will happen for us or we will adopt a lovely Asian baby (no offense, but seriously they are so cute and they would totally look like us). Until then I owe it to myself and Ty to not worry. To offer my thoughts up to whatever is out there and enjoy my husband. So when you are feeling where I am at right now, stop, enjoy the moment. Relax and let it go.


One Response to “Confession time…”

  1. Mrs. Wuestewald August 6, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    I plea guilty I have done the same.

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