I Sweat the Bed

31 Jul


I sweat the bed. My husband tells me that I literally feel like a Swamp when he reaches over and touches me in the middle of the night. I am dank, I am damp. I am a bed sweater.
This started to happen probably in 2007. In 2007 I started taking anti-anxiety medication and one of the side effects was night sweats. I thought okay, I can live with that. Well its 2012, I have been off the medication for about 3 years and I still sweat the bed. What gives.

Now I have to confess as well, I am a cover-holic. It is literally probably 80 degrees in our bedroom right now and I have the light comforter on the bed as well as a really nice fuzzy Phils Blanket and my Blankie on me. Well not so much on me but around me. I use the Phils Blanket so that Jeff can lay on it (Jeff the cat, not Tys Brother) and then my blankie is usually over my head because I need darkness when I sleep (and Ty needs to have a light in the bathroom for potty parade in the middle of the night).  Its overkill on covers I know, probably why I sweat the bed but its not. I literally can sleep with one blanket on me and sweat. I sweat in AC. I sweat in my sleep.
Maybe this is a hormonal thing, Maybe my body has a hard time heating and cooling itself but it is becoming alarming.

I did get an awesome moisture wicking mattress cover. It is also waterproof just encase Ty decides to Pee the bed. Not that he has peed the bed before, but he has peed on the DVD player as well as into a nightstand. But the mattress cover only does so much.
Anyone else out there sweat the bed?


2 Responses to “I Sweat the Bed”

  1. Alyssa July 31, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    I used to wake up some mornings and it was just gross with sweat. For a wedding gift we got Sheex. They’re expensive but they’re amazing at keeping you cool. I like to sleep under lots of blankets too, but I haven’t woken up sweaty at all after using these sheets.

  2. maretilton August 3, 2012 at 7:18 pm #

    Thanks! I will have to look into that! I think we actually put that on our registry too but didnt get them 😦

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